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Hello, I am Acushla and If you would like to talk to me, discuss, or go ahead with the creation of a Dedication to a loved one of your own, please email me at: whisper2mesoftly@ntlworld.com attaching your loved ones photo/s and your poem/verse BEFORE you select to pay on any of the options below (PAYPAL will accept credit card payments in either UK Pounds, USA Dollars or by Euro) as your Dedication/Memorial/Tribute will be created and shown to you here online subject to your approval and acceptance as I want you to be really happy with my work and what I have created for you, before you make any payment to me at all, so please do email me if you have anything on your mind and I will help and advise you in any way I can. I am a real person and I am here to help you so please don't be nervous or afraid ...

How you can include a Loved One of your own on this site

One Page Devoted In Memory of a Loved One
with your own words, including 2 photographs, plus your own choice of
musical background (selected from the list in Musical Contents page)
and inclusive of FREE Animations offer, below
£50.00 (Item B)

As Above - but without the inclusion of music
(this can always be added for you, at a later date)

£35.00 (Item C)

Your Own Words/Verse -alone with no photographs or music
£20.00 (Item D)

Inclusion of Photograhs at a later date
£15.00 (Item F)

Inclusion of Music at a later date
£15.00 (Item G)

Inclusion of 1 or 2 Animations, Chosen from the Animations Page
FREE (Item E)

A Whole Page, As Above, Dedicated in Memory of Your Loved One,
Including 2 Photographs, Animations if you wish, & Your Choice of Music
(selected from the list) BUT with Special Creation of a Poem -
for those who may need a little help
£80.00 (Item A)


Please can I have a look at your MUSICAL CONTENTS page

Could I see the ANIMATION CHOICES page please

I would rather be returned to your MAIN CONTENTS page

If you do not want to make a Dedication of your own today but would sincerely like2help towards the website hosting costs of keeping Whisper2MeSoftly permanently online, please would you consider making a donation ...

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