In devoted memory of my cherished loyal companion KaZulu (pure black German Shepherd Dog) who tragically died aged twelve years and ten months in the early hours of Monday morning at 3.10am on 19th November 2007. KaZulu was my "Treasure" - I always told him that's what he was, "My Treasure" - He was my Pride and Joy and I am heartbroken, inconsolable that I no longer have him with me. That he was taken by the so cruel and heartless "Degenerative Myelopathy" from which he was suffering for the past 2 years of his life - I loved him more than anything and I am totally lost and empty without him.... May his Guardian Angel - whose huge blue orb appeared from nowhere in one of the very many photographs that I took of him in my garden - and this one in particular, one of many taken on 11th June 2006, watch over him and keep him safely until I can be re-united with him

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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 Treasured Photo's of KaZulu