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Whisper2MeSoftly ... in Loving Memory of our Deceased Loved Ones :

Rochelle Sandra Bougaard

Elliot Charles Callaghan (Geordie)

Nyoka Collette Coore

Walter Karl August Friedrich Feise

Joyce Glenn

Leslie Robert Haydn Grace

Constance Florence Harrison

Alan Howard Watkinson

Awaiting Your Creation *

Tributes in Rememberance of Those Precious To Us All :

Luciano Pavarotti

In Rememberance and Devotion to our Pets:

KaZulu *

Tahnee *

Awaiting Your Pet Creation *

Whisper2MeSoftly ... Memorials Under Construction :

Brians Mother

Brians Mother2

Brians Mother3

Grandma and Grandad GRACE

Margaret and Peter LANGRAN

If you cannot already hear the music, click here to listen to "Unchained Melody"