Whisper2MeSoftly gently explains this site to you below ...


Say those words you've longed to say

To your loved one's oh so dear to you

Who have sadly, passed away

Your words were left unspoken

Or never re-inforced

Though they're there within your heart still

So I give you here - a Voice

To say out loud just how you feel

To let out that emotion ..

Those feelings deep within your soul

You can say now - with Devotion ...

Your Loved Ones photo's you can also place

Upon this Site and display

Where your relatives can come to see them

Today and every day ...

So Whisper2MeSoftly

In memory of those you love

and dedicate and share those thoughts

With Jesus, up above ....

A special section dedicated in devotion of our deceased and cherished Pets has now been added to Whisper2MeSoftly

Open The Door And Come Inside ....

If you cannot already hear the music, click here to listen to "How Great Thou Art"



If you feel that you would like to help Whisper2MeSoftly and can contribute towards its ever-increasing hosting costs please do consider making a donation no matter how small as it would be so greatfully appreciated

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